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In the event of a breakup of the couple, the regulatory measures of separation must be established, which, based on the specific case, may cover:

- Parental authority of minor children (parental authority)
- Guardianship and custody of minor children
- Regime of stays and communications of minor children with parents and, where appropriate, with other relatives
- Contribution to child support by parents
- Designation of the use of family home and its clothing
- Compensatory benefit
- Economic compensation for work reasons
- Liquidation of the matrimonial property regime and division of common property

Those breakup processes can be processed through a amicable procedure that is, in the beginning, the most advisable and beneficial way for all interested parties, where the parties agree on the measures that govern their separation, translating it into a regulatory agreement; or through a contested procedure, where the judicial authority determines the regulatory measures of separation

Depending on the urgency and needs of every specific case, provisional measures may be requested before or at the same time as the main procedure

The measures established in procedure (parental authority, guardian and custody, regime of communications and stays, contribution to child support, use of family home, etc.) can be modified by later judicial resolution if the considered circumstances significantly vary since the moment of the agreement
The modification of the measures can also be processed through an amicable or contested procedure

Procedures for the execution of firm resolutions and provisional execution of non-firm resolutions in case of breach of the established measures in the judicial resolutions (non-payment of child support, etc.)
Execution of foreign resolutions

Procedures to resolve disagreements in the exercise of parental authority by parents according to important facts related with the care of children and the administration of their assets


Opposition to administrative resolutions related with child protection (desertion, fostering, etc.)

Actions to claim and contestation of paternity and filiation that can be exercised by the father, mother, child (by himself/herself or through a legal representative) or, where applicable, by his descendants or heirs

Processes for the protection of people who have limited capacity to act

Legal advice in the writing of agreements in prevention of couple breakdown and end of cohabitation


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